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The Huger Family Papers, 1795-1897, collection contains a record of enslaved persons owned by members of the Huger family. A South Carolina family, Francis Kinloch Huger (1773-1855) was a Charleston and Stateburg physician, U.S. Army officer, and South Carolina state legislator. In 1794, Huger was studying medicine in Vienna, Austria, where he met Dr. Erick Bollman. Huger and Bollman made an unsuccessful attempt to rescue the Marquis de Lafayette, a prisoner of the fortress of Olmutz in Moravia. Both Huger and Bollman were afterwards captured and confined at Olmutz until their release in 1795. Francis Kinloch Huger married Harriott Lucas Pinckney, daughter of Thomas Pickney (1750-1828), in 1802. Their daughter Mary Esther Huger (1820-1898) married Dr. Joseph Alston Huger (1815-1895) in 1840.

The collection consists of a document listing enslaved men, women, and children at Murry Hill Plantation, notes on their clothes, and enslaved persons who were born or died on the plantation between 1859 and 1861.

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