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The Halley’s Comet Project is a collection of first hand accounts of the comet, answers to the attached questionnaire, and offers to help with the research projects. Questions on the questionnaire include: 1. What were the circumstances when you saw the comet? 2. Describe the appearance of the comet. 3. Did you experience any particular emotions when you saw the comet? 4. Did anything interesting, unusual or funny happen while the comet was visible? 5. What did you think a comet was in 1910? 6. What did your parents, relatives, friends or teachers tell you about the comets in 1910? 7. As you grew older did your view or understanding of the nature of comets change? 8. As you grew older did you ever think about your experience of seeing Halley’s comet? If so, under what circumstances? 9. Do you feel privileged to have seen Halley’s comet? 10. Do you feel that seeing Comet Halley has affected you personally in any way? If so, how?

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