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The Glover Family Papers, 1729-ca.1955, collection contains one bound volume and loose papers kept by the Glover family. The bound volume titled “General Work and Allowance List, 1840” records the tasks performed by enslaved people at Camp, West Bank, Forlorn Hope and Snug-it-is Plantations in Colleton, Charleston, Berkeley, and Orangeburg Counties in South Carolina. Tasks included in the entries are taking care of children, nursing the sick, attending to the cattle and gardening vegetables. The author also includes the names of the enslaved persons dividing them by gender and adult/children.

The loose papers in the collection comprise mainly of estate papers of Charleston physician Dr. Joseph Glover, 1778-1840. Information includes inventory and appraisal of the estate, conveyance of land, prices and names of enslaved persons, an official renunciation document of inheritance from Mary Witsell, and multiple lists of furniture selected by a “Mrs. M.G.,” possibly Mary Glover.

The names of the male slaves are listed as: Adam, Alick, Amos, Anthony, Antony, Bacchus, Ben, Billy, Bob, Buck, C. Sandy, Caesar, Cain, Cambridge, Cato, Cato, Cromwell, Cuffy, Cyrus, Dean, Dick, Edward, Frank, George, Gibby, Hamlet, Huckey, Isaac, Israel, Jack, Jacob, James, Jeffrey, Joe, Joseph, Josey, July, Mazyck, Modo, Morton, Moses, Ned, Neptune, Nero, Paris, Paul, Peter, Philander, Pompy, Prime, Rafe, Richard, Robert, Robin, Sam, Scipio D, Simon/Simon D., Stephen, Tolbert, Tom D. , Toney, Warley, Will/Old Will, Wilson, Yorrick and Zibo.

The names of the female slaves are listed as: Aimey, Amaraitta, Annette, Beckey, Bella, Bess, Betsey/ B. Betsey, Betty, Carolina, Cera, Charlotte, Chloe, Clara, Clarinda/ B. Clarinda, Constant, Cornelia, Daphney/Daphney L./Daphney S., Dianna, Dinah, Dole, Doll, Dorcas, Dulcina, Dye, Elsey, Eve, Fanny, Flora, Hagar, Hannah, Harriett, IsabelleI, Jennette, Jenny, Judith/ S. Judith, Laura, Lavinia, Louisa, Lucy, Lydia, Madelon, Maria, Mariane, Mary, Matilda, Miley, Milly, Minty, Murrier, Nancy, Nanny, Patty, Peggy, Phillis/Phyllis, Phoeby, Rachael, Rebecca, Rose, Rosetta, Sabina, Sally, Sarah, Sary, Scibby, Scilla, Sophia, Sophy, Sue, Sukey, Susannah, Tenah, Venus, Winter

The names of the child slaves are listed as: Abraham, Antony, Betsey L., Champaine, Charles, Daphney, Edward, Edwin, Hannah, Helty, John, Maria, Nancy, Page, Peggy, Prince, Prop, Sandy, Scipio, T. Clarinda, Tom, Y. Billy, Y. Will

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