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The Adger Family Papers, 1813-1932 collection contains papers written by or for members of the Adger family in Charleston County, South Carolina. James Adger (1777-1858) was a wealthy merchant of Charleston and married Sarah E. Ellison, and among their children were John Bailey Adger (1810-1899), James Adger, Jr. (1812-1881), Robert Adger (1814-1891), who married Jane Eliza Fleming, William Adger (1816-1853), who married Margaret Hall Moffett, and Joseph Ellison Adger (1824-1898), who married Susan Cox Johnson. William Adger’s brother-in-law George H. Moffett (1829-1875) married Elizabeth H. Simonton.  

The materials within the collection contain various bills of sale for enslaved men, women, and children (named in documents) sold in Charleston (S.C.) to either James Adger, James Hamilton, and Arthur Middleton, by George Chisolm, Josiah Taylor, Elizabeth B. Lowndes, E. Lightwood, William C. Hitchborn, William R. Maxwell, James R. Pringle, Jacob Barrett, estate of John Stoney, William Berney, M. McBride, and Abraham Tobias.  

The names of the enslaved persons sold are listed as: Betsey, Caesar, Caius, Charlotte, Cornelia, Diana, Dick, Duash, Henry, Jack, James, Pompey, Robin, Rynah, Samuel and Thomas.

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