About Beaufort County Library

About Us

The Beaufort County Library system is the public library system serving Beaufort County, SC. The system consists of five branches (Beaufort, Bluffton, Hilton Head Island, Lobeco, and St. Helena Island), two Bookmobiles, and a local history and archives department. The Library offers a wide range of print and digital content and is a member of the SCLENDS consortium.

The Library operates as a fiscal and administrative department of Beaufort County Government and is governed by a Library Board of Trustees who are appointed by Beaufort County Council. The Library is supported by three Friends of the Library groups and the Public Library Foundation of Beaufort County.


The Beaufort County Library serves and supports the community for learning, for leisure, for life.


The Beaufort County Library System is a free and accessible center of ideas, information, and resources that foster learning, community, and literacy. The Library provides open and guided access to a wide variety of media and programs to inform, inspire, and empower people in their pursuit of lifelong learning, personal enrichment, and cultural understanding.