Slave Badges and Urban Slavery

This lesson describes the significance of slave badges, which were used exclusively in Charleston, SC. Student will be able to explore the use of slave badges in Charleston and describe the impact from using slave badges.

Septima Clark and Civil Rights

Students read, summarize, and create a short paragraph discussing a civil rights issue. Students will be able to analyze historical texts and mediums and discuss Septima Clark's reason for teaching in John's Island.

Analyzing a Civil War Photograph

This lesson utilizes a primary source and provides students with insight of some of artillery types used during the Civil War. Students will be able to analyze a photograph for content and describe different elements in a photograph.

Chattel Slavery: Treating Human Beings as Property

Student will be able to explore why Charleston became the largest North American port during the trans-Atlantic slave trade, understand the design and language of a Bill of Sale for an enslaved person and view the impacts of the trans-Atlantic and domestic slave trade on the slave’s life.