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1. 8th Day Chanukah

8th Day Chanukah

19. Die Awaude-Knieen vor Gott

Die Awaude-Knieen vor Gott

20. Preparing for Bar Mitzvah

Preparing for Bar Mitzvah

21. Bar Mitzvah Lesson

Bar Mitzvah Lesson

22. The Bar Mitzvah Boy

The Bar Mitzvah Boy

24. Before Kiddush

Before Kiddush

25. Itsjak Ben Zvi, Presidente de Israel

Itsjak Ben Zvi, Presidente de Israel

27. Rabbi Dov Berish Weidenfeld

Rabbi Dov Berish Weidenfeld

39. Blowing the Ram's Horn

Blowing the Ram's Horn

41. Rabbi Boruch Shimeon Schneerson

Rabbi Boruch Shimeon Schneerson

45. The Call to Repentance

The Call to Repentance

46. The Shofar's Call

The Shofar's Call

47. Sabat Candle Prayer

Sabat Candle Prayer

48. [Sabbath candles]

[Sabbath candles]

49. [Sabbath candles]

[Sabbath candles]

50. A Talmud Chachum

A Talmud Chachum