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301. Community Action Program Guide

308. Menominee Community Action Program, Governor's Copy

311. Mahoning Valley Vocational School Pamphlet

312. Ministers Leadership Training Program

316. The C.A.T.ALYST, Spring Class of 1967

317. The Education of Disadvantaged Children, A Bibliography

319. The Disadvantaged, A Bibliography of Resource Materials

321. The Culture of Poverty

322. The Case for Day Care

332. "The Seed of Fire"

333. Statement by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

348. "How to Organize a College Campus"

349. "Films on Poverty"

350. North Carolina Fund

354. Letter from Paul L. Ross to Bernice V. Robinson, June 16, 1971

362. VISTA Monthly Report, 1971

363. Letter from R. Archie Ellis to James E. Clyburn, January 25, 1971

367. Memorandum from Ellis M. Gillum to Gray Temple, April 1971

377. Community Action Program Memorandum No. 29-B

381. Letter from Bernice V. Robinson to John W. Heyward, July 6, 1970

382. Letter from Jane Cornell to James Clyburn, December 1, 1969

389. Bernice V. Robinson Resume

390. Letter from R. A. Harper to Bernice Robinson, December 12, 1986

391. Letter from Elaine Nichols to Bernice Robinson, February 2, 1988