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201. Request for Proposal No. 77-103

202. Resources for Day Care

205. VISTA Volunteers South Carolina Day Care Training Session

207. Yonges Island Community Center Funding Proposal

208. Vista Volunteer Handbook, April 1970

209. Voice For Children, Volume 4, Number 8

210. VISTA and SCCFW Notes

215. "A Guide to Credit Union Operations"

216. "A Decade of SCLC"

217. VISTA Project Proposal

218. "Welfare Benefits in South Carolina"

219. "Their Blood Cries Out"

220. ADOPT Training Process

223. "Title VI' One Year After"

224. "Why Vote?"

230. Community Action Program Memorandum No. 46

232. Community Action and Public Information Handbook

234. Community Action Programs Directory, June 15, 1966

236. Publications of the Children's Bureau

238. Recounting the Poor'A Five-Year Review

239. Program Planning and Control Procedures Guide for South Carolina Commission for Farm Workers, Inc.

241. Report on Petersfield, South Carolina

242. Program Officer Project Analyses

243. Public Welfare Programs

244. Poverty

245. Treatment of Minorities in Textbooks Materials

246. The North Carolina Fund's Survey of Low-Income Families in North Carolina

247. VISTA Program Review Board

248. VISTA Resource Development and Training Branch

250. The Voting Rights Act of 1965

251. The Mobility Project

252. Trident Charleston At A Glance

253. The Problem of Poverty

254. "Research, Training and Action in Milwaukee's Inner Core: A Case Study About Process"

256. "Poverty - A Luxury We Can't Afford"

257. "Report on Mississippi"

258. "Obsequies, Martin Luther King Jr."

260. "Poor People's Campaign, Washington D.C."

262. Civil Rights Movement Oral History Project

264. Coastal Plains Human Development Coordinate Council

265. Civil Rights Oral History Project

267. Civil Rights Multi-Media History Project Draft

269. Civil Rights Learning Resource Development Project, Draft

271. Leadership Program Proposal, Southern Christian Leadership Conference

275. Leadership Notecards

277. League of Women Voters

278. International Credit Union Yearbook

279. John Hay Whitney Foundation

280. South Carolina Voices of the Civil Rights Movement

283. Speech Notecards, September 11, 1986

284. South East Caucus for Child Advocacy, Newsletter No. 2

289. "The Crisis," Volume 81, Number 7

290. "The Gold Mine Between Your Ears"

292. "The SCLC Story in Words and Pictures"

293. "The CDA Credential'and You"

297. "The Time is Now"

298. Community Action Program Memorandum No. 27-A

299. Community Action Program Memorandum No. 27