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1. "Political Economy"

2. "Dogpatch Game"

3. "SNCC Dinner Committee"

4. "Points of Inquiry, Pressure and Support"

13. Communication Center Coordinators Memorandum, March 15, 1979

14. Letter from Matthew J. Perry to Delbert Woods, October 17, 1977

19. "List of Black Students for Contact"

20. "Support Native American Women"

24. "If I Were White"

26. Flyer for Y.W.C.A.

29. "Uncle Sam Wants You"

36. "Political Line"

39. "Results of Conference and Workshop"

41. "Exploring Human-Race Relations Through Film"

42. All African People's Revolutionary Party Memorandum, February 4, 1976

49. "An Approach to Black Studies"