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4. Crop Field Behind a House

5. Men with Cows

6. Man Holding Grapes

7. Man in a Cucumber Field

8. Negative of Manure Salts Demonstration

9. Negative of Sign-holder

10. Negative of Man with Barrel

13. Venta de garage / Garage Sale

14. Bolso floreado / Floral Handbag

15. Garden Peas with No Additional Potash

16. Meeting at Drainland, SC

17. Cattle in a Barn

18. Negative of a Large Gathering

20. Young Girls with Potato Variety Test Sign in Field

21. Negative of Man Fertilizing Pecans

22. Working the Cabbage Field

25. Man with Jersey Cow

26. Two Men with Jersey Cow

30. Members at Jas. I. Exp. Station

35. South Carolina Program Assistance Line

37. Agricultural Society, 1926

38. J.F. Maybank in a Rice Field

39. Men in Grain Field

45. Negative of Slide Dressing Beets

46. Hat in Cabbage Field

49. House Flying American Flag

50. Potato Inspection in Field

51. Automobiles in a Rural Setting

52. William McLeod Frampton

54. Negative of Cabbage

56. Fotografía de Ruben García y sus platos para las celebraciones de fin de año / Photograph of Ruben Garcia and his Holiday Dishes

57. Fotografía de seis hermanos adultos / Photograph of Six Adult Siblings

59. Man with Bushel of Sweet Potatoes

61. Pecan Orchard

62. Cucumber Field

63. Fotografía de una fiesta de año nuevo / Photograph of New Years Eve Celebration

65. Correspondence between Representative A. Sydney Herlong, Jr., Thomas Waring (Editor of the Charleston News and Courier), and Representative L. Mendel Rivers, July 1957

66. Letter from Lillie E. McInnes to Democratic Leader of the Senate Lyndon B. Johnson, February 9, 1957

68. Booker T. Washington Preparatory Corp Proposal

76. Drainland Meeting

78. Print of a Men with Cows

79. Planted Field

80. Fotografía de Diana Salazar y su madre / Photograph of Diana Salazar and her Mother

82. Print of Various Agricultural Photographs

84. Color Packed Asparagus

85. J.R. Scott in Asparagus Field with Dog

86. Woman Picking Asparagus

87. Hat in Asparagus Field

90. Laborers

91. Miembros de Tri-County Hispanic American Association llevando su bandera / Tri-County Hispanic American Association Members with Banner

92. Décimo Festival Hispano / 10th Annual Festival Hispano

93. Reunión social en el parque MenRiv / Social Gathering at the MenRiv Park

97. More Peaches