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105. Letter from W. A. White to Representative L. Mendel Rivers, May 9, 1957

110. Community Relations

112. Volante "Comunidad Latina de Charleston, SC" / Flyer for the "Comunidad Latina de Charleston, SC"

113. Acta de una reunión de la Asociación Latina de Charleston / Latino Association of Charleston Meeting Minutes

115. Fotografía de la junta directiva de Tri-County Hispanic American Association / Photograph of Tri-County Hispanic American Association Board of Directors

116. Fotografía de dos miembros de Tri-County Hispanic American Association / Photograph of Two Tri-County Hispanic American Association Members

117. Man Holding a Cucumber

118. Discussion Group Roster

119. Ceremonia de dedicación de la casa de la familia Bordallo / Dedication Service for the Home of the Bordallo Family

121. Outdoor Gathering

122. Negative of Man with Illegible Sign in Field

123. Negative of Packed Asparagus

124. Vegetable Market Auction

125. Negative of Three Men and a Field

126. Print of Two Agricultural Photographs

128. Print of Various Photographs

130. Reverse Side of Framed Awards in Agriculture

132. Man Next To a Barrel of Potatoes

135. Grading Spuds

137. Irish Cobbler Potato Variety

138. Drive to the Corn Field

140. Framed Awards in Agriculture

141. Notas de Diana Salazar / Diana Salazar's Notes

142. Official Fertilizer Demonstration

143. Fotografía de una fiesta de cumpleaños / Photograph of Birthday Celebration

146. Correspondence between Albert H. Balzano and Representative L. Mendel Rivers, May 1957