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5. Plantations, Jehossee

Plantations, Jehossee

6. Plantations, Blessing

Plantations, Blessing

10. Plantations, Blessing

Plantations, Blessing

14. Plantations, Harrietta

Plantations, Harrietta

16. Plantations, Ingleside

Plantations, Ingleside

17. Plantations, The Grove

Plantations, The Grove

32. Plantations, Oak Lawn

Plantations, Oak Lawn

35. Plantations, Ingleside

Plantations, Ingleside

40. Plantations, Blessing

Plantations, Blessing

47. Plantations, Unknown

Plantations, Unknown

52. Plantations, Millford

Plantations, Millford

79. Plantations, Unknown

Plantations, Unknown

86. Plantations, Seabrook Plantation

Plantations, Seabrook Plantation