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8. "Trustee Spotlight"

9. Hair Piece

Hair Piece

10. Miss Minna McLeod Sr.

Miss Minna McLeod Sr.

11. Small Child's Portrait

Small Child's Portrait

12. Rose M. Ellis

Rose M. Ellis

13. "Melvile"

14. Miss Taylor

Miss Taylor

16. Carrie Ellis

Carrie Ellis

19. Susan E. Ellis

Susan E. Ellis

20. Frampton E. Ellis

Frampton E. Ellis

21. Ellis Gravestones 2

Ellis Gravestones 2

22. Ellis Gravestones 1

Ellis Gravestones 1

25. "They're In Jail For Freedom"

26. "He Just Wanted To Read!"

27. "Would You Vote In The Face Of This?"

28. "Make Him A Part of Our Nation"

30. "The Pan-African Work Center"

31. Jewish Synagogue, Atlanta, Ga.

Jewish Synagogue, Atlanta, Ga.

32. Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Telegram

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Telegram

34. Jewish-Synagogue, Atlanta, Ga.

Jewish-Synagogue, Atlanta, Ga.

35. Letter to Cleveland Sellers

Letter to Cleveland Sellers

37. "Southern Cadre and Pre-Cadre"