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1. Letter from John Habersham to Benjamin Lincoln

5. Letter from A. Sachtleben to J. Drayton Grimke-Drayton Esq., July 5, 1891

12. Letter to John F. Grimke from Thomas Ousby, May 5, 1785

13. Letter to John F. Grimke from B. Waring, October 11, 1786

15. Letter to John F. Grimke from Alexander Chisolm, November 2, 1786

20. Letter written by Captain Joseph Warley, December 31, 1778

21. Letter from General Robert Howe to John F. Grimke, 1778

23. Letter from Colonel Roberts to General George Washington, Included copy of Washington's initial correspondence

26. Letter from Drayton Grimke to his father, Thomas S. Grimke, 1838

60. Letter from M. Robertson to Ella L. Smyrl, March 26, 1929

62. Letter to Eileen Muir, 1969

70. Handwritten Speech, Christopher Brown

100. Letter from C.C. Tseng to Laura M. Bragg, August 22, 1928