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1. Foot pedal

Foot pedal

2. Lenses


3. Focusing cloth

Focusing cloth

4. Straw fan

Straw fan

5. Straw fan

Straw fan

6. Wooden mask (Kifwebe)

Wooden mask (Kifwebe)

7. Metal button

Metal button

8. Stones


9. Nuts


10. Musical instrument

Musical instrument

11. Wooden mask

Wooden mask

12. Wood and metal mask

Wood and metal mask

13. Wooden stool

Wooden stool

14. Woven mat

Woven mat

15. Ivory sculpture

Ivory sculpture

16. Ivory sculpture

Ivory sculpture

17. Hide box

Hide box

18. Straw fan

Straw fan

19. Straw


20. Wooden mask

Wooden mask

21. Wooden stool

Wooden stool

22. Digging tool

Digging tool

23. Straw fan

Straw fan

24. Straw fan

Straw fan

25. Digging tool

Digging tool

26. Harp (Musical instrument)

Harp (Musical instrument)

27. Straw fan

Straw fan

28. Wooden shield

Wooden shield

29. Wooden mask

Wooden mask

30. Female wooden statue

Female wooden statue

31. Straw fan

Straw fan

32. Straw fan

Straw fan

33. Straw fan

Straw fan

34. Metal face mask (N'domo mask)

Metal face mask (N'domo mask)

35. Metal face statuette

Metal face statuette

36. Ancestor board (Spirit board)

Ancestor board (Spirit board)

37. Male wooden statue

Male wooden statue

38. Wooden stool

Wooden stool

39. Cloth map

Cloth map

40. Cloth map

Cloth map

41. Wooden figure

Wooden figure

42. Wooden mask

Wooden mask

43. Wooden mask

Wooden mask

44. Musical instrument

Musical instrument

45. Musical instrument

Musical instrument

46. Wooden spear

Wooden spear

47. Female wooden statue

Female wooden statue

48. Raffia mask (Tambuan mask)

Raffia mask (Tambuan mask)

49. Wooden spear

Wooden spear

50. Wooden spear

Wooden spear

52. Toledo, Sinagoga

Toledo, Sinagoga

53. Verdun, La Synagogue

Verdun, La Synagogue

56. Bordeaux - La Synagogue (intérieur).

Bordeaux - La Synagogue (intérieur).

58. Toledo, Santa María la Blanca

Toledo, Santa María la Blanca

59. Cordoba, Antigua Sinagoga

Cordoba, Antigua Sinagoga

60. Toledo, Sinagoga

Toledo, Sinagoga

61. Dijon, La Synagogue

Dijon, La Synagogue

65. Toledo. - Detalle de la Sinagoga.

Toledo. - Detalle de la Sinagoga.

66. Dijon. - Synagogue.

Dijon. - Synagogue.

72. [Central Syn., NY]

[Central Syn., NY]

73. Wiesbaden. - Die Synagoge.

Wiesbaden. - Die Synagoge.

75. Der Judenkirchhof

Der Judenkirchhof

76. Absaloms Grab und Goldenes Tor

Absaloms Grab und Goldenes Tor

83. [Grave of Theodor Herzl, Vienna]

[Grave of Theodor Herzl, Vienna]

84. Jerusalem - Tomb of Absalom

Jerusalem - Tomb of Absalom

85. Absalons Grab

Absalons Grab

87. Remiremont - La Cynagogue

Remiremont - La Cynagogue

88. Lausanne, La Synagogue

Lausanne, La Synagogue

89. Dijon. - La Synagogue

Dijon. - La Synagogue

90. Dijon - La Synagogue

Dijon - La Synagogue

94. [Nuremberg, La Synagogue]

[Nuremberg, La Synagogue]

95. [Alte Synagoge, Dessau]

[Alte Synagoge, Dessau]

96. [Alte Synagoge, Dessau]

[Alte Synagoge, Dessau]

97. [Marburg, ehem. Synagoge]

[Marburg, ehem. Synagoge]