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1. Wooden camel carving

Wooden camel carving

4. Harp


6. Water buffalo

Water buffalo

7. Carved wooden figure

Carved wooden figure

8. Wooden leopard carving

Wooden leopard carving

9. Tuyere (kiln part)

Tuyere (kiln part)

10. Bellows


11. Small wooden pot

Small wooden pot

12. Wooden boar carving

Wooden boar carving

13. Wooden giraffe carving

Wooden giraffe carving

14. Wooden hippopotamus carving

Wooden hippopotamus carving

15. Wooden zebra carving

Wooden zebra carving

16. Wooden lion carving

Wooden lion carving

20. Raffia basket

Raffia basket

21. Raffia basket

Raffia basket

22. Carved wooden head

Carved wooden head

23. Ostrich egg

Ostrich egg

24. Carved wooden head

Carved wooden head