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1. Bone Pile

Bone Pile

2. Castillo de la Chorrera

Castillo de la Chorrera

3. Cuban huts

Cuban huts

4. Calz. de Luyanó

Calz. de Luyanó

5. Sugar cane vendor

Sugar cane vendor

6. Gravesite


7. Mule cart

Mule cart

8. Cuban bedroom

Cuban bedroom

9. Sugar House

Sugar House

10. A number of malojas

A number of malojas

11. Puente de Aqua Dulce

Puente de Aqua Dulce

13. Cuban prisoner

Cuban prisoner

14. 161st Indiana Monument

161st Indiana Monument

15. Morro Castle

Morro Castle

16. Sugar cane carting

Sugar cane carting

17. Entrance to Fort Cabaña, Cuba

Entrance to Fort Cabaña, Cuba

18. Cuban house

Cuban house

20. Market