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1. Letter from John Habersham to Benjamin Lincoln

4. Letter from John Cox to Nathanael Greene

6. Letter from William Skirving to William Moultrie

7. Letter from John Walker to Thomas Jefferson

8. Letter from Francis Marion to Nathanael Greene

9. Letter from Abraham Lott to Nathanael Greene

10. Letter from William Moultrie to Benjamin Lincoln

11. Letter from Charles Scott to Nathanael Greene

12. Letter from Benjamin Lincoln to Nathanael Greene

13. Letter from Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer to Unknown

14. Letter from Thomas Farr to Nathanael Greene

15. Letter from Mann Page, Jr. to John Page

16. Letter from Francis Barber to William Alexander [Lord Stirling]

18. Letter from Thomas McKean to Nathanael Greene

19. Letter from Jethro Sumner to Nathanael Greene

20. Letter from Horatio Gates to William Ellery

22. Letter from Abner Nash to Nathanael Greene

24. Letter from William Davies to Nathanael Greene

25. Letter from Christian Febiger to Nathanael Greene

26. Letter from Major General Nathanael Greene addressed to Arthur Campbell

27. Letter from Robert Lawson to Nathanael Greene

29. Letter from John Hector St. John to Nathanael Greene

30. Letter from William Heath to Nathanael Green

31. Letter from Gouverneur Morris to Nathanael Greene

32. Letter from Samuel H. Parsons to Nathanael Greene

33. Letter from Stephen Drayton to Nathanael Greene

34. Letter from Nathaniel Pendleton to Nathanael Greene

35. Letter from Mann Page, Jr. to John Page

36. Letter from George Weedon to Nathanael Greene

37. Letter from Thomas Farr to John Laurens

38. Letter from Abraham Lott to Nathanael Greene

39. Letter from George Weedon to Nathanael Greene

41. Letter from Joseph Martin to Nathanael Greene

42. Letter from [John] Peter [Gabriel] Muhlenberg to Nathanael Green

43. Letter from Thomas Wade to Nathanael Greene

44. Letter from Richard Henry Lee to [Nathanael Greene]

45. Hayne Street

46. Prioleau Street

47. [Elliott Street]

48. Church Street

49. Coming Street

50. Gillon Street

51. Charleston Hotel

52. 21 King Street

53. Medical College, Dissecting Room

54. Private residence, interior

55. Goose Creek Church

57. Citadel Green

58. Ten Mile Hill, geyser

59. Ashley Street, Mayor Courtenay's residence

60. Atlantic Street, G.W. Williams, Jr. residence

61. Ashley Street, Mayor Courtenay's residence

62. Medical College

63. Medical College

64. King Street

65. Bagging Factory

66. Church Street, Mrs. M.A. Snowden residence

67. Hassell Street, Lazarus residence

68. Bennett's Mill, Storehouse

69. Atlantic Wharf

70. East Battery, Ravenel residence

71. East Bay Street

72. Gas Works

73. Prioleau Street

74. north side of Market Street

75. King Street

76. King Street

77. Confederate Home

78. Broad Street

79. Vendue Range

80. East Bay Street

81. Hibernian Hall

82. East Battery, Ravenel residence

83. 26 East Battery, C.H. Drayton residence

84. Horse Creek near Augusta

85. King Street

86. Exchange Street

87. Second Presbyterian Church

88. Market Street

89. Market Street

90. Market Street

91. East Battery, Edmondston Alston House

92. Legare Street, Hume residence

93. Market Street, Cosgrove House

94. Limehouse Street, Hall residence

95. Market Street

96. 25 Legare Street

97. Market Street, Sailors' Home

98. Post Office

99. Police Station

100. Police Station