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2601. Plantations, Tomotley Plantation

Plantations, Tomotley Plantation

2602. Plantations, Rocks

Plantations, Rocks

2603. Plantations, Rocks

Plantations, Rocks

2604. Plantations, Pooshee

Plantations, Pooshee

2605. Police Station

Police Station

2606. Police Station

Police Station

2607. Prioleau Street

Prioleau Street

2608. Prioleau Street

Prioleau Street

2609. Prioleau Street

Prioleau Street

2610. Queen Street

Queen Street

2611. Whitework Quilt

Whitework Quilt

2612. Whitework Quilt

Whitework Quilt

2613. Quilt Top

Quilt Top

2614. Vendue Range

Vendue Range

2615. Voss residence, Summerville

Voss residence, Summerville

2616. Shultz residence, Summerville

Shultz residence, Summerville

2617. Tradd Street, Sinkler residence

Tradd Street, Sinkler residence

2618. Rutledge Street, tent village

Rutledge Street, tent village

2619. Smith Street

Smith Street

2620. Washington Square, tent village

Washington Square, tent village