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1. Fire against fire; or, how an amateur hypnotist came to grief

2. [Tuguriola, Tonsio Judaica, Festum lætitiæ Legis, Viri exeuutes ad radios lunares]

3. [Poculum Zelotijpiæ, Sepultura Judæoum, Circumcisio]

4. [Candelabrum Encoeniorum, Festum Purim, Dies nonus July, Flagellatio Judaica]

5. Feast of Tabernacles

6. [Simchat Torah]

7. שלום אש

8. שלום אש

9. שלום אש

10. א. גרוזענבערג

12. Correcting the Torah

13. Unrolling the Torah

14. The Jewish Candlelighter

15. Zada

17. ח. נ. ביאליק

18. ח. נ. ביאליק

19. ח. נ. ביאליק

20. Perspective view of The Jews' Hospital proposed to be erected at Jerusalem