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1. Feast of Tabernacles

3. Temple Emanu-El, New York

4. Temple Emanu-El, New York City

5. Taschlich-Gebet / תשליך

6. תשליך

7. The Abodah

10. The Habdalah

14. Central Synagogue

15. Central Synagogue

19. Temple Beth-El, N.Y. City

20. Temple Beth-El, N.Y. City

32. Eldridge Street Synagogue

33. Eldridge Street Synagogue

35. Temple Emanuel, 5th Avenue, New York

36. Temple Emanuel, 5th Avenue, New York

45. Temple Beth El. 5th Ave.

47. Temple Emanuel, 5th Avenue, New York

48. Temple Emanuel, 5th Avenue, N.Y.

56. Temple Beth-El, N.Y. City

58. New York, c. 1893. Fifth Avenue, 42nd Street

62. 5th Ave. looking North from 42nd Street, New York

63. Yacht Lake "Central Park" New-York

64. Temple Emanu-El. (5th Ave.) N.Y. City

68. Temple Israel, N.Y. City

69. Temple Beth-El, N.Y. City

70. Temple Beth-El, N.Y. City

73. Temple Emanu-El

76. [Mister! Vas costen to go in dot vouter?]

79. The latest dodge in Baxter Street

80. [Ah Rachel I wud'nt shtay in dot vouter...]

82. Renee and Michael arriving in New York 1947

83. The political Baxter Street

84. An old saying twisted

87. The new Jewish Synagogue in West Forty-Fourth Street, New York

88. 016. Willis Wilkinson to Anna Wilkinson -- September 23, 1834

89. [Chevra Bachurim Anshei Ungarn]

90. Porch of Temple Beth-El

92. [Temple Emanu-El, New York City]

94. Temple Emanu-El formerly at corner of Fifth Avenue and Forty-Third Street

97. [Temple Emanu-El, New York City]

98. Jewish Synagogue

99. [Central Syn., NY]

100. [Central Synagogue, NY]