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1551. Cap. XXXII Genesis

1552. Das Erste und andere Buch Samuelis

1553. [Vitulus Aureus, Sacrificia secundi Ordinem a Deo præscriptu, Exploratorum a Chananæa reditus]

1554. Leviti Cap. XI. v. 7 Chazir, porcus / III. Buch Mosis Cap. XI. v. 7 Das Schwein

1555. [And he overlaid it with pure gold within and without]

1556. Liber Regum

1557. The Deluge

1558. ["Lay not thine hand upon the lad…for now I know that thou fearest God"]

1559. Genesis Cap. XX. v. 16 Siclorum diversitas / I. Buch Mosis Cap. XX. v. 16 Unterschiedliche Sikel

1560. L'Ebrietà di Noè, pittura di Paolo Uccello Fior

1561. The Arrival of Rebecca

1562. Exodi Cap. XII. v. 11 Coena Paschalis / II. Buch Mosis Cap. XII. v. 11 Verzehrung des Osterlamms

1563. Genesis Cap. XXXII. v. Lucta cum Angelo / I. Buch Mosis Cap. XXXII. v. Der Englische Zweikampf

1564. Genesis Cap. L. v. 2.3 Iacobus aromate conditus / I. Buch Mosis Cap. L. v. 2.3 Der balsamirte Jacob

1566. La plaie des ténèbres / The plague of darkness

1567. Moyse enfant présenté à Pharaon

1568. Israel in Egypt

1570. [Hear, O Israel, the statutes and judgments which I speak in your ears this day]

1571. [The Prophesy of Isaiah]

1572. Liber Esther

1573. The Six Days Work of the Creation

1574. אברהם ויצחק

1575. Inspired exercise

1576. Moderne Zeden. Twee Vrienden van den Prins.

1577. Vot doesh you peddles?

1578. La France financière

1579. [Sketch of a pogrom]

1582. Die Copulation

1583. A Jewish marriage in Tangiers

1584. Exodi Cap. XXIX v. 13-22 Deo ex Ariete Sacra / II. Buch Mosis Cap. XXIX v. 13-22 Gottgeheiligte Stücke vom Widder

1585. The Third Book of Moses, called Leviticus

1586. In a Jewish slaughter-house--examining the knife

1587. Liber Levitici

1588. [Emancipation der Juden / Die Christen als Sclaven der Juden]