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1. At Esler Field

2. At Fort Dix, New Jersey

3. 5th Air Support Command, New Orleans, La.

5. Battle of the Bulge, reconnaissance photos

6. Siegfried Line, reconnaissance photos

7. Buchenwald concentration camp, introduction

8. Buchenwald concentration camp

9. Site R-11, Eschwege, Germany

10. Ludendorff Bridge, Remagen, Germany

11. Promotion to corporal

12. Bowman Field, Louisville, Ky.

13. Transfer to "Destination Secret"

14. Map of Germany

15. Site Y-51, near Cologne, Germany

16. 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Group, citation

17. Site Y-83, Limburg, Germany

18. Discharge notice

19. Induction papers

21. Site A-9, Le Molay, France

23. On an LST en route to Omaha beach

25. Officer Candidate School, parade ground

26. England

27. Membury Air Base, England

28. Furlough, Edinburgh, Scotland

29. Cover

30. Reconnaissance leading up to German breakthrough, article

31. Site A-46, SW of Paris

32. Commission as 2nd Lt.

33. Buchenwald concentration camp

34. General Eisenhower, Le Molay, France

36. Site A-87, Charleroi, Belgium

37. War criminals, articles

38. Buchenwald concentration camp

39. Buchenwald concentration camp

40. Buchenwald concentration camp

41. Buchenwald concentration camp

43. Personnel specialists, post V-E day

44. Benito Mussolini, corpse

45. Omaha Beach, after post D-day storm

46. 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Group, article

47. Destroyed German cities, aerial photos

48. Lawrence Layden and fellow officers

49. 67th Observation Group, Hq. Squadron, Membury

50. P-51 Mustangs; P-38 Lightning

51. Normandy, pre D-day reconnaissance photo

52. Concentration camps, map and table

53. Normandy, pre D-day reconnaissance photo

54. Normandy, pre D-day reconnaissance photo

55. Normandy, pre D-day reconnaissance photo

56. Normandy, pre D-day reconnaissance photo

57. Reconnaissance based artillery adjustments, article

60. Tactical reconnaissance outfits, article

61. Concentration camps, table

63. Paris, France

64. Newsletter on homeward bound ship

65. Start of odds and ends

66. WWII casualties, table

67. Buchenwald, book excerpts

69. Stolberg, Germany, reconnaissance photo

71. Letter of recommendation

72. Letter of recommendation

73. Letter of recommendation

74. Versailles, France

75. Leave, Salisbury, England

76. V-mail concerning graduation

78. Presentation of Awards, Membury

79. Shoulder patches

80. Lawrence Layden's officer ID

81. Mementoes of Days in Service, 17 Jun 41 - 12 Dec 45