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1. Plantations, Oakland Plantation

Plantations, Oakland Plantation

18. Plantations, Jehossee

Plantations, Jehossee

19. Plantations, Boone Hall

Plantations, Boone Hall

20. Plantations, Blessing

Plantations, Blessing

32. Plantations, Blessing

Plantations, Blessing

33. Plantations, Blessing

Plantations, Blessing

39. Plantations, Mulberry Plantation

Plantations, Mulberry Plantation

44. Plantations, The Grove

Plantations, The Grove

45. Plantations, Harrietta

Plantations, Harrietta

47. Plantations, Ingleside

Plantations, Ingleside

48. Plantations, The Grove

Plantations, The Grove

49. Plantations, Harrietta

Plantations, Harrietta

50. Plantations, The Grove

Plantations, The Grove

53. Plantations, Gibbes House

Plantations, Gibbes House

74. Plantations, Yeamans Hall Plantation

Plantations, Yeamans Hall Plantation

80. Plantations, Millford

Plantations, Millford

99. Plantations, Oak Lawn

Plantations, Oak Lawn