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61. Marion Square, tent village

Marion Square, tent village

62. Legare Street, Hume residence

Legare Street, Hume residence

63. Market Street, Cosgrove House

Market Street, Cosgrove House

64. Limehouse Street, Hall residence

Limehouse Street, Hall residence

65. Market Street

Market Street

66. 25 Legare Street

25 Legare Street

67. private encampment

private encampment

68. Oak Grove, two foot fissure

Oak Grove, two foot fissure

69. Oak Grove, four foot fissure

Oak Grove, four foot fissure

70. Post Office

Post Office

71. Post Office

Post Office

72. Old Hospital, Trapman Street

Old Hospital, Trapman Street

73. Broad Street

Broad Street

74. Vendue Range

Vendue Range

75. Alexander Street, residence

Alexander Street, residence

76. Ten Mile Hill, two geysers

Ten Mile Hill, two geysers

77. Ten Mile Hill, geyser

Ten Mile Hill, geyser

78. Ten Mile Hill, fissure

Ten Mile Hill, fissure

79. East Bay Street

East Bay Street

80. Hibernian Hall

Hibernian Hall