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1. "The church in Saint Bartholomew's Parish, SC, burnt by the British and rebuilt after the Rev. War"

2. "A view in Charleston taken from Savage's Green"

4. "A View on Mepkin No. 3"

5. "Church in Saint James, Goose Creek"

6. "Mepkin the Seat of Henry Laurens Esq. No. 2"

7. "Sheldon"

8. Portrait sketch, "D'après Nature"

9. Trompe-l'œil collage

10. "Ruins of Sheldon Church in Prince Williams Parish"

11. "Ruins of Wolstrop Church Near Belvoir Castle"

12. "Second Windemere Lake"

13. "The Eutaws"

14. "River Clyde from the Top of Cory-Lin"

15. Miranda and Prospero

16. "Ben Lomond from Cameron Wood"

17. Sketches of rustic scenes

18. Three trees

20. "Roche Rock" and "Church and View from Inside Cove, Isle of Wight"

21. "Kelcairn Castle" and "Bridge on the River Dee"

22. "Conway Castle"

23. Portrait sketch, "Lavinia"

24. "Beauchert Abbey"

25. "Scaleby Castle"

26. "Upper Falls of the Fyers"

27. "Captain Frederick Fraser's Place, Prince Williams Parish"

28. "The South View of Fort Mechanic, Charleston, July 4th 1796"

29. "The Seat of Jos. Winthrop, Esq., Goose Creek"

31. "Meeting House in Prince Williams Parish"

35. "Mepkin"

36. "Rice Mill at Mepkin"

38. "Warwick Castle"

39. Untitled portrait sketch

40. "Furness Abbey"

41. "An approaching storm"

42. "A forest scene"

43. "A forest scene"

45. Sketch of house and grounds

46. "A View of Mr. Lindsay's from South Battery"

47. Landscape sketches of farm on river

48. "View from Mr. Fraser's City Residence"

49. Sketch of monument to George Washington

50. "Rice Hope"

51. "Monument of Lieutenant Governor Bull"

53. Sketch of man on rural road

54. Sketch of soldier in profile

55. Untitled sketch

58. Landscape paintings, mill and gatehouse

60. Landscape sketch of house

61. Portrait sketch of seated figure

62. Portrait sketch of man in profile

64. Sketch of trees

65. "View of the church in Saint Andrews"

66. "Saint James Church, Goose Creek from the parsonage"

67. "Ashley Hall"

68. "A seat on Ashley River"

69. "View near Charleston"

70. Bookboards

71. Two Napoleonic Soldiers

72. "Mr. Gabriel Manigault's Seat at Goose Creek"

73. "Brabants : The Seat of the Late Bishop Smith"

74. "A View on Richmond"

75. Portrait sketch of young man

76. Landscape sketch of trees and castle

77. "Penrith Castle"

79. Tree with shrub

80. Two trees with foliage

82. "Kendal Castle"

83. Sketch of cottage and tree-lined road

84. "A forest scene"

86. Landscape painting, fir tree

87. Portrait sketch of woman

88. Sketch of house

90. "Another view of the same," Ashley Hall

91. "Richmond, the Seat of Edward Rutledge, Esq., St. Johns"

92. "A southwest view of Newport"

93. Brabants, seat of Bishop Smith

95. Landscape painting, cluster of trees

96. Sketch of distant cityscape

97. Sketch of rock formations

98. "Wigton on Saint James, Goose Creek"

99. "Church in John's Island"

100. Untitled landscape sketch