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5. Creative Thinking Process Course Materials

10. Sell By Giving

16. "Evaluation Toward Some Definition"

17. "Credit Unions in Anti-Poverty Programs"

18. "Credit Unions"

19. "Building A New Rural America"

20. "Federal Credit Union Bylaws"

22. Creative Thinking Work Sheets

23. "A Guide to Credit Union Operations"

26. Leadership Notecards

29. The C.A.T.ALYST, Spring Class of 1967

36. "Proposal Outline"

37. Communications Assignments

39. OEO, Vol. II, No. 4

40. "U.W. C.A.T. Alumni Newsletter," Volume 1, Number 7

41. "U.W. C.A.T. Alumni Newsletter," Volume 1, Number 5

45. "Neighborhood Center Proposal"

46. Forms and Attachments Checklist

47. Letter from D. D. Kluppel to Cynthia Maisel, February 28, 1967

59. Orientation for University of Wisconsin Trainees

62. "Questions About Creative Thinking"

63. Reasons Why Salesmen Failed

64. Letter from Ken Barker to Bernice Robinson

65. "Proposal Development" Schedule of Activities

71. Bibliography of Creative Thinking

80. Letter from Lila Parker to Cynthia Maisel, March 1, 1967

81. Letter from George Hartung to Cynthia Maisel, March 2, 1967

83. Letter from Thelma Addleman to Bernice Robinson, July 1967

86. "Proposal Development Guide"

89. "U.W. C.A.T. Alumni Newsletter," Volume 1, Number 6

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93. "What Do We Know About Leadership?"