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2. "Why?" Pamphlet

3. "James Bevel Caught Not Praying"

4. "This is SCLC," Pamphlet

5. "Making the Most of Your Money"

6. "Mr. Money Wise"

7. "J. Strom Thurmond and Civil Rights"

10. Guidelines: Special Programs for Educationally Deprived Children, Section II

13. IDEAS, Spring Report 1972

15. Socio-Economic Impact Study Resort Development and the Sea Islands

16. Social Change and Development in Latin America

18. South Carolina Council on Human Relations Pamphlet

21. "Credit Unions in Anti-Poverty Programs"

22. "Credit Unions"

23. "Building A New Rural America"

24. "Federal Credit Union Bylaws"

27. American Education, July 1972

28. Creative Thinking Work Sheets

29. Resources for Day Care

32. "A Guide to Credit Union Operations"

33. "A Decade of SCLC"

34. "Welfare Benefits in South Carolina"

35. ADOPT Training Process

36. "Title VI' One Year After"

37. "Why Vote?"

40. Community Action and Public Information Handbook

42. Publications of the Children's Bureau

43. Recounting the Poor'A Five-Year Review

44. Poverty

45. The Mobility Project

46. The Problem of Poverty

47. "Report on Mississippi"

48. "Obsequies, Martin Luther King Jr."

52. Leadership Program Proposal, Southern Christian Leadership Conference

54. John Hay Whitney Foundation

55. South Carolina Voices of the Civil Rights Movement

59. "The Gold Mine Between Your Ears"

60. "The SCLC Story in Words and Pictures"

61. "The CDA Credential'and You"

62. "The Time is Now"

63. Community Action Program Guide

66. Mahoning Valley Vocational School Pamphlet

67. Ministers Leadership Training Program

68. The C.A.T.ALYST, Spring Class of 1967

69. The Disadvantaged, A Bibliography of Resource Materials

70. The Culture of Poverty

72. "Films on Poverty"

75. "Tell The Mayor How It Is Where You Live"

77. Citizenship Education Department Banquet

88. Be Informed, Taxes, Part 1

89. Be Informed, Taxes, Part 2

90. "Y.E.S. Tutors In Action"

91. The Voter Education Project

93. Martin Luther King Assembly

100. "Say Y.E.S. to Youth"