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Roswell T. Logan Journal, 1852-1865
Roswell Turner Logan was born in Charleston, SC, in 1836 and graduated from Charleston College in 1855. After serving in the Confederate Calvary for four years, he returned to Charleston in 1866 and began a lengthy newspaper career, including a stint as telegraph editor for the Charleston newspaper, The News and Courier. Logan's bound journal begins in 1852 with an address before his Charleston High School debate club, the Philomathic Society. Among the many speeches, poems and essays included in the journal are three essays published in the Charleston College Magazine: "Mohammed and His religion" and "College life" in the April 1855 issue and "Goodbye" in May 1855. Poems include a requiem to Logan's old horse John Randolph and a commentary on the contentious election of 1860 titled "The Presidential canvas of 1860." In his last dated entry, July 11th, 1865, Logan says goodbye to his beloved journal with the poem "Farewell to this Book." 99p. Full text.