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116. Calculations jotted on paper ca. 1852.
Monetary calculations jotted on paper. The figures on page 2 appear to reflect the sale of barrels of unknown cargo. 2p.
118. Memorandum for purchase of Fife Plantation -- January, 7, 1852
Memorandum for purchase of Fife Plantation by Nathaniel Heyward (III), James B. Heyward, and William Henry Heyward from Daniel Heyward Hamilton. The memorandum declares the property will be jointly held by the three and all monies made will either go back into the plantation for operating costs or to pay back the principal and interest of the loan. In addition to the property and slaves of Fife Plantation the Heywards purchased an additional forty slaves from the estate of "Mrs. Hamilton." 3p. January 7, 1852.
120. James B. Heyward to Francis D. Quash -- January 1, 1851
Letter from James B. Heyward on behalf of his infirm grandfather, Nathaniel Heyward, to Francis D. Quash about an offer to invest his property in some unspecified manner. 2p. January 1, 1851.
121. Esther Heyward to James B. Heyward -- January 22, 1851
Letter from Esther Heyward in Rome, Italy, to her brother, James B. Heyward. Esther writes of her plans to return home soon, claiming that after she sees "Mont Vesuvius and Pompeii, my astonishments will be over." She writes in detail about St. Peter's Basilica and notes that she climbed to the top and that "It was much easier than I expected, but I made it still easier by being carried in a chair." She mentions the time honored tradition of kissing the statue of St. Peter's toe and requests additional funds to pay for the care of her children she left behind in South Carolina. 4p. January 22, 1851.
122. Mr. Petigru's Opinion on the Will of Nathaniel Heyward -- May 3, 1851
James Louis Petigru, noted Charleston jurist, gives the Heyward family his legal opinion on the adjudication of Nathaniel Heyward's (1766-1851) last will and testament. 3p. May 3, 1851.
123. Bond between James B. Heyward and James Cuthbert -- June 7, 1851
Bond between James B. Heyward and James Cuthbert, June 7th, 1851, with notation of partial payment on June 8th, 1952. 2p.
124. Agreement for settling the Estate of Nathaniel Heyward -- June 7, 1851
Agreement for settling the estate of Nathaniel Heyward, June 7, 1851, outlining some of the beneficiaries of his estate. 4p.
125. Bond between William Henry Heyward and Charles Heyward -- July, 1851
July 1851 Bond between William Henry Heyward, one of the beneficiaries of Nathaniel Heyward, indemnifying Charles Heyward, a residuary legatee of same, in case Arthur Heyward, another residuary legatee, should object to the transfer of properties bequeathed to William. 3p.
126. Bond between James B. Heyward and William Henry Heyward -- August 7, 1851
Bond between James B. Heyward and William Henry Heyward in 1851 concerning a property on Meeting St., Charleston, held in trust for Susan Keith and outlining the distribution of said property in the event of the death of Mrs. Keith. The final page, written November 26, 1880, outlines the circumstances canceling the above mentioned bond, and mentions the loss of trust money invested in a house on Sullivan's Island "which was destroyed in the late war to make way for fortifications." 4p.
127. Bill of Sale for Slaves -- August 14, 1851
Bill of sale for slaves between Charles Heyward and James B. Heyward. James purchased, for $550, the slave "Phoebe and her daughter Charlotte." 2p. August 7, 1851.