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Cover of Lawrence Layden's self titled album documenting his wartime service
Induction papers
Copy of Lawrence Layden's induction papers ordering him to report for service June 17, 1941. Caption: "The Beginning."
Discharge notice
Copy of form listing Layden's date for reverting to inactive service on December 12, 1945. Caption: "The End"
Bowman Field, Louisville, Ky.
Layden's first military security pass from Bowman Field, Louisville, Kentucky, issued June 26, 1941 and another card enabling him entry to the local Service Club.
Promotion to corporal
Certificate detailing Layden's promotion to corporal. Layden comments in the boxed caption that the promotion certificate is signed by a brigadier general, indicating the (small) size of the U.S. army prior to Pearl Harbor.
5th Air Support Command, New Orleans, La.
Photograph of Lawrence Layden, Phil Reverman, Charlie Kofler and others at the PX after transfer of Fifth Air Support Command to New Orleans in January 1942. Included is a postcard of Antoine's Restaurant in New Orleans.
Transfer to 67th Observation Group, Esler Field, Alexandria, La.
Special order transferring Layden to the 67th Observation Group (later re-named 67th Tactical Reconnaissance) at Esler Field, Alexandria, La. Layden would be attached to this group throughout the war.
At Esler Field
Photographs of Lawrence Layden and others at Esler Field, Louisiana, February - June, 1942. In his caption he mentions his marriage to "Kay" on June 3, 1942 and his subsequent move off base.
Transfer to "Destination Secret"
Transportation certificate sending his wife home to Louisville when Layden is transferred to "Destination Secret."
At Fort Dix, New Jersey
Visitor tag for Fort Dix, New Jersey, assumedly used by his wife Kay during a quick visit. The 67th Observation Group was sent here for processing for overseas shipment and left August 29, 1942 on a five day "zig-zag" journey across the Atlantic (on the original "Queen Elizabeth") to Membury Air Base, England. His "official" note home to Kay telling her of his arrival overseas does not explicitly tell her where he is.