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The Orangeburg Massacre
Poem written in the aftermath of the Orangeburg Massacre contrasting the event to the 1970 Kent State shootings. The author describes the number of casualties and the death of Henry Smith.
Telegram 1
Western Union telegram pledging support from student groups and employees in Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The groups write that they intend to stage demonstrations to increase awareness about the events in Orangeburg.
Telegram 5
Western Union telegram pledging solidarity with Orangeburg demonstrators against racism and imperialism. Possibly sent by the Progressive Labor Party.
Three Killed, Fifty Injured in South Carolina Shootings: Black Students Are Victims of Trigger Happy White Cops
Press release published by the Liberation News Service relating the events of the Orangeburg Massacre.
What You Can Do!
Set of two adjoined flyers possibly distributed by the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee to be presumably distributed to local or national student groups. The text advocates the use of civil disobedience as well as the use of self defense with use of "guns and strategy." The flyer also recommends pledging support for H. Rap Brown, Cleveland Sellers, and others.
Orangeburg Massacre: February 8, 1968
Resolution from the Student Legislative Council of the University of California at Los Angeles condemning the attack of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) and the National Guard upon students in Orangeburg. The Council demands that the perpetrators of violence at Orangeburg be brought to court to "answer for their crimes."
Fact Sheet - The Orangeburg Massacre
Fact sheet created by the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee relating the events of February 5-8, 1968 at Orangeburg.
Black Students Sympathy March
Flyer created and distributed by African American students from the Atlanta University Center advertising a march to take place in support of the South Carolina State College student body. The students recommend sending assistance to the Orangeburg Student Defense Fund housed at Spelman College in Atlanta.
Photograph of Cleveland Sellers and Willie Ricks
Photograph of Cleveland Sellers and associate Willie Ricks standing in a yard in front of a home. May have been taken in the 1970s upon Sellers' release from prison.
Cleveland Sellers for use with story by Observer Staffer Jack Bass.
Photograph of Cleveland Sellers in 1973 possibly taken outside of prison following Sellers' release. Sellers is sitting under a tree possibly wearing prison garb.