The great learned rabbis of Israel

The great learned rabbis of Israel
Black-and-white lithographed portraits of 40 rabbis throughout Jewish history, with a larger, central image of Maimonides. Includes Samuel Edels, Isaac ben Jacob Alfasi, Isaac Abravanel,the Maggid of Kozhnitz, the Vilna Gaon, Moses Sofer, Akiva Eger, Jonathan Eybeschütz, David Nieto, Dov Berush Meisels, Meir Leibush, Shimon Sofer, Mordecai Banet, Abraham Tiktin, Yechezkel Landau, and others. Hebrew (and some German) captions including respective rabbi's name and other information including: city, position, magnum opus, and date of death. Published Breslau: S. Schottlaender.
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Maimonides, Moses, 1135-1204, Edels, Samuel Eliezer ben Judah, ha-Levi, 1555-1631, Alfasi, Isaac ben Jacob, 1013-1103, Abravanel, Isaac, 1437-1508, Israel ben Shabbetai Hapstein Kozienice, active 18th century-19th century, Elijah ben Solomon, 1720-1797, Sofer, Moses, 1762-1839, Eger, Akiva ben Moses Guens, 1761-1837, Eybeschuetz, Jonathan, -1764, Nieto, David, 1654-1728, Meisels, Dov Berush, 1798-1870, Malbim, Meir Loeb ben Jehiel Michael, 1809-1879, Sofer, Shimʻon, 1821-1883, Banet, Mordecai ben Abraham, 1753-1829, Ṭiḳṭin, Avraham, 1764-1820, Landau, Ezekiel ben Judah, 1713-1793
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Hebrew, German, English, French
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