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    A n editoria in the Charleston Evening Post of spoke this of the Zoning Ordinance: June 3th, 1951 It is a remarkable orojection of a path by which the community may move forward to greater proportions, steadiy Improving its aspects, carefully preserving the good it has acheived and avoiding errors which have been made. It shows rare underfctanding of tAe character of Charleston, takes account of its traditions and Its ong acquired customs, preserves invioate every vested property right, is rigid in protecting present ownership and empoyment of premises yet fexibe is to the future uses of such anc imparts a gente amost a tender pressure upon the physical development .2 the city which should, amost imperceptiby, accompish what drastic measures would never do in appication to so old a community and so developed a city as Charleston, even if It were desirable other type than that which has to effect a transformation to any been formed through two and one m life. _ centuries of a people"s -JHH it is a very diffucuw thing to order satisfactoriy the growth of an old city, with a the sett.ed ways and ax the venerable andmarks it has acquired. The zoning plan which had been worked out after sift months of intensive study and which is embodied in he ordinance now submitted for passage by City Council has most happiy disposed of much of this difficuty by following in the main, the life ines of the community, recognizing estabished characteristics and instituting what might amost be call ed Infuences than reguations for the future to bring about a correction of departures from the true form of the community rather than to change It in any essentia eement.
Folder 50: Zoning Commentary 1
Civic Services Committee
Commentary from the Charleston Evening Post regarding zoning in Charleston (June 9, 1931).
Civic Services Committee Papers
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Folder 50: Zoning Ordinances
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