An ill wind

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An ill wind
Caricature by Franklin Morris Howarth published in Puck. The text reads : 1 --Mr. Dawson: "Ah! I like these blustery, windy mornings." 2 --Mr. Dawson: "Phew! That was a gust." 3 --Itinerant hat collector: "Dings vas gomin' my vay. Dot vas a good ringer." 4 --Itinerant hat collector: "I vill schoost gover it mit dis odder von." --Mr. Dawson: "I don't wear cape coats after this. Where's my hat?" 5 --Mr. Dawson: "Well, I'll be hanged! My hat nowhere in sight. It must have blown over that wall. Well, I'm in a pretty fix! I'll catch my death of cold, bareheaded in this wind." 6 --Mr. Dawson: "Ah! Perhaps this Jew will sell me one of those hats. Have you a hat there to fit me, my friend? " 7 --The itinerant collector: "Dot vas too pad your hat plows over der vall. Yes, I haf a hat vat I schoost pought from Mr. Vanderbildt. Ach! So hellup me gracious! It vas schoost your size, undt I sell him for t'ree tollar." 8 --Mr. Dawson: "Mary, I had a very funny experience. My hat blew off and went over a garden wall. A hat peddler came along just in the nick of time and sold me this one for three dollars. It is just as good as new." 9 --Mrs. Dawson (in disgust): "James Dawson, there are no fools like an old fool! You had better wear a bonnet tied on with strings the next time you go out in the wind. This is your own hat, and has your name inside."
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