The cross has truly become a "shadow of death" to the Jew

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The cross has truly become a "shadow of death" to the Jew
Caricature by Leon Barritt published in the March 1881 edition of the New England Pictorial. The associated article reads : "From an American point of view the opposition to the Jews, which has lately been revived in Germany, seems to be due partly to a survival of the unchristian spirit of medieval Christianity, but more immediately to the hatred which thrift always inspires in the unthrifty. The military ardor which has converted Germany into a great camp has drafted the flower of German youth into army barracks, and diverted the best energy of the people from productive pursuits. At the same time it has impoverished the masses by indirect heavy taxes to support the military establishment, and still heavier indirect taxes in cutting off the supply of productive labor. Though many Jewish youth in Germany have proved the native courage of the race on recent battlefields, the more peaceful instincts of the race have led them to seek in commerce and in the professions the distinction which the Christian youths have looked for in military and official positions. And now the cry is that the Jews monopolize the sources of wealth, and that they crowd the professions and other pursuits of peace and profit. The charge is doubtless largely true, but that fact is as much to the honor of the Jews as it is to the dishonor of those whose lower civilization has allowed them to be distanced in the competitions of peaceful industry, intelligence, persistence and thrift. If the physically and numerically weaker race can distance their stronger and more numerous competitors in the arts of peace, the fact must be taken as evidence that mind counts for more than stature, and thrift and labor for more than military ardor, in the free conflicts of modern civilization."
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