Press release regarding union activities

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  • ["PRESS RELEASE TIME: 1:00\n\nThe union of LPNs and non-professional workers at the Medical College Hospital has decided\n[that] they will not meet with Dr. McCord under the system of grievance meetings he [\nproposed]yesterday.\n\n\"This is second class citizenship.\" said Isaiah Bennet [sic], elected representative of \n[the] workers. \"This type of meeting means that Dr. McCord will choose which workers\nhe will meet with, and which workers he will not meet with.\"\n\n\"This type of meeting is nothing new. The workers were able to set up meetings\nfor grievances any time they wished through HEW before the proposal Dr. McCord made \nyesterday.\" \"We have already had meetings between Dr. MCCord and workers, set up by HEW.\"\n\nMr. Bennett said that a demonstration on city hall is planned this Friday.\n\"We have contacted the mayor, but he has given no reply.\" \"We feel a demonstration\nis necessary.\"\n\nMr. Bennett also announced that the union of workers at the Medical College has \ngone on record in support of the union of employees at the State Ports Authority,\nWho are now on a [walk]-out. \"Since we are working for the same employer, the State of\nSouth Carolina, and since we are suffering hardships be cause [sic] of the same state law,\nwe must be together in this struggle.\" There is a state law prohibiting union\nrecognition at state institutions. \"We knew this law is biased,\" said Robert Bateman,\npresident of the union, ILA 1422A at the State Ports Authority. \"The state is\ndenying these people the right of freedom of speech, the freedom of assembly, and\nthe right to participate in the union of their choice, \"and the right to protest\nthe deplorable conditions which exist at the State Ports Authority and the Medical\nCollege Hospital.\" \"I further believe,\" said Mr. Bateman, \"that these employees\nshould have a say-so in the shaping of their own destinies.\"\n\n\"We will not be dictated to by our elected officials,\" said Mr. Bennett."]
Press release regarding union activities
Bennett, Isaiah (1926-2002)
Press release regarding negotiation activities during the Hospital Worker's Strike and the union's support of the walk-out by union employees of the State Ports Authority.
Isaiah Bennett Papers, ca. 1932-2002
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Avery Research Center at the College of Charleston
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Medical University of South Carolina, Local 1199B Drug, Hospital, and Health Care Employees Union (Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union), International Longshoremen's Association
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Hospital Workers' Strike, Charleston, S.C., 1969, Hospitals--Employees--Labor unions, African Americans--Civil rights--South Carolina--Charleston--History--20th century
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Charleston (S.C.)
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