Descriptive List of Free Negroes Belonging to City Engine No. 6 [Copy 2]

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  • ["Descriptive List of Free Negroes Belonging to City Engine No. 6 No. Date of Enrollment Names Age Height Eyes Hair Complexion Occupation Residence Remarks Anderson, J.W. 20 5 Gray Brown Brown Painter Amherst St. Bennett, S.L. 45 5-9 Hazle Black Brunet Boot Maker Wall \" Barnett, H.E. 30 5-6 Gray Light Light Carpenter Green \" Bell, H. L. 30 5-6 Dark Black Brown Painter Green \" Barnett, W.M.E. 28 5-4 Light Light Light Porter Green \" Bowers, F.C. 28 5-6 Dark Light Brown Porter Cuming [Coming] \" Bearde, E.P. 26 5-5 Dark Dark Brown Tailor do do [ditto] Clarke, J.E. 49 5-10 Dark Dark Brown Packer do do Crocker, E.G. 46 5-8 Dark Dark Brown Boot Maker St. Phillip do Collins, J. 35 5-8 Dark Dark Brown Butcher Mill do Decosta, J.B. 29 5-5 Dark Dark Light Boot Maker Cuming [Coming] do Dupree, T. 30 5-4 Dark Dark Fair Millwright Burns Lane Elfe, W.S. 28 5-7 Dark Dark Brown Carpenter Colledge [College] Street Fields, Wm. 35 5-8 Dark Dark Brown Carpenter Cuming [Coming] St. Fordham, E.W. 32 5-6 Light Light Fair Farmer Chapple [Chapel] St. Ferrett, E.S. 30 5-3 Black Black Brown Carpenter Queen St. Glover, Geo. A. 45 5-4 Black Black Brown Saddler Colledge [College] St. Garden, A. 26 5-5 Black Black Brown Butcher Cuming [Coming] St. Garden, E. 24 5-6 Black Black Brown Butcher Henrietta St. Hart, R.D. 37 5-6 Black Black Brown Porter Rumney [Romney] St. Hare, Stephen 35 5-6 Black Black Fair Taylor Wentworth St. Hampton, E.P. 32 5-5 Light Light Brown Barber Elizabeth St. Holloway, M.H. 25 5-5 Black Black Brown Carter Beaufain St. Holloway, S.D. 42 5-6 Black Black Brown Carter Calhoun St. Johnson, S.W. 35 5-6 Black Black Brown Carpenter Smith St. Kruger, F.C. 25 5-7 Light Light Light Tobacconist Cuming [Coming] St. Lessesne, Thos. 37 5-7 Light Light Brown Porter Smith St. Levy, Edwin 45 5-9 Light Light Light Carpenter St. Phillip St. Lopez, Francis 40 5-4 Dark Dark Brown Fisherman Henrietta St. Marshall, Wm. E. 38 5-3 Dark Black Brown Barber Cuming [Coming] St. Myers, G. 49 5-7 Dark Black Brown Taylor Elizabeth St. Mushington, J.A. 22 5-10 Grey Light Light Taylor Meeting St. Magrath, G. 23 5-6 Light Light Light Carpenter St. Phillip St. Montgomery, N. 22 5-6 Light Light Light Barber Montague [Montagu] St. McKinlay, W. A. 28 5-6 Dark Dark Brown Tailor Cuming [Coming] St. McKinlay, G.J. 26 5-8 Dark Black Brown Sadler do do McKinlay, A. 24 5-5 Dark Black Brown Sadler do do Prealeau, J. 38 5-10 Dark Black Brown Butcher John St. Pircell, Jacob 40 5-4 Dark Black Brown Tanner Elizabeth St. Ryan, Daniel 28 5-8 Dark Black Brown Butcher Wall St Ryan, Francis 26 5-4 Dark Brown Brown Tobacconist do do Sasportas, F.W. 28 5-8 Dark Black Brown Butcher Mill St. Shrewsbury, George 28 5-8 Dark Black Brown Butcher Judith St. Shrewsbury, Henry 24 5-4 Dark Black Brown Butcher do do Turner, Nathaniel 24 5-7 Dark Black Brown Taylor Colledge [College] St. N. Turner include this name Thom, Phillip 26 5-5 Dark Black Brown Tobacconist Henrietta St."]
Descriptive List of Free Negroes Belonging to City Engine No. 6 [Copy 2]
List of volunteer firefighters of city engine number 6, including their names, ages, description, occupation, and residence. Donated to the Charleston Museum by Charles Pequette, 1925
Charleston Firefighters Rosters, 1862-1864
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Charleston (S.C.). Fire Dept.
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Fire fighters--1860-1870, African American fire fighters, Free African Americans--South Carolina--Charleston
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Charleston Museum Fire Records, 25067i
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Charleston County (S.C.)
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