John Vaughan letters to Philip Tidyman, 1801-1802

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    D Philip Tidyman Charleston, S Ca Philad: 11 Dec 1801 D Sir, I have recd your favor of 27 Nov.and called on M Barry who sent the strings by the Union on 7 Nov. [illegible] duplicate receipt of Capt Joseph Gage which I recd from him; Hayden has sent all but two [tables] which will go in a few days; I hope what has been sent has arrived safe. I send you a publication which I consider as [a very] important one - Aikin's on the Vaccine, Philad Edition. I also send with it some of the virus in aguile covered with Gold beaten leaf - I obtained it from J.A. Cone - from 1/3 to 1/4 of an inch of thread insufficient cut it firmly and steadily [on] a hard [illegible] as it may otherwise scale - moisten [illegible] [illegible] point of the Lancet the thread [illegible] order [illegible] better - as little [illegible ] as you can well use - raise the cuticle so as to draw as little blood as pos- sible. Vaccinate different subjects, as in some it succeeds when not in others when you once succeed puncture with a lancet freshly infected is better than incision It will become general here - it is mild not contagious and guarantees from the Small Pox - should this [illegible] fail - I understand it is [illegible] be procured from [illegible] what is used here was recd from M Jefferson, to whom I wrote for it - when leisure allows and inclination promptly remember your library promise, and the Drawing of the Bones if they cannot be had Your friend John Vaughan
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    Philip Tidyman Philad April 7th 1802 Charleston, S Ca Dear Sir, Absence has prevented an earlier reply to yours of 13th [Jan]. I have been into New England and am lately returned - I have the pleasure to assure you that the Vaccine [illegible] - gains round rapidly wherever introduced - Its not being contagious wherefore con- fined to the patient is one great recommendation, its mildness is rather another and finally the numerous strong experiments made of its efficacy in guarding us against the Small pox for every town, experiments have been successfully made, and in some parts of NE the conviction is so strong that the select men have allowed testing with the Small Pox, those who have had the Vaccine out of the Small Pox Hospital - The rapid success is the more remarkable, as some of the Practitioners from ignorance of the [managers], before they had [any] books propagated the Spurious. Our [illegible] Physicians here who were opposed to it, now acknowledge the efficacy. The [illegible] in England say "we do not now give our attention to store books which merely go to authenticate the efficacy of Vaccination, as it has become an universally admitted truth." The Surgeons of the Navy have presented D. Jenner with a Gold medal, and call him the greatest bene- factor to the British Navy - The King of Naples has returned formal thanks to the K. of G.B. for sending D Marshall to introduce it into Italy, and sees in it the means of repopulating his kingdom. It is introduced and [illegible] sized by the Govt of almost every country in Europe, upon the exp and reports of the Medical Bodies of each Country - The Soldiers and Sailors of GB who have not had the Small Pox are all Vaccinated and not allowed to be [illegible] as on the Sick list - Here it is becoming general, many have P.2 have been the cases where Small Pox [illegible] has been afterwards attempted with -out any effect - I have taken the liberty of thus much, from the im -pression that we have not for 1000 yrs, had a discovery of equal import -ance. If any particular point wants elucidation, I shall be hap -py to be instrumental in providing it, when pointed out - one effect more I will mention, Three or four very extraordinary cases have occurred here, of its totally carrying off eruptions of the face which had been troublesome and unsightly - It may not always do it, but the experiment produces so little in convenience, it is worthy of a tryal - I am pleased you gave the matter to D Chichester inform him, we shall either have a Vaccinating Hospital or make it a branch of our Dispensary - I do not know whether you have such an Institution - I send you the plan Vac. of ours which if you have one. I wish to have presented to them, as it may lead to publick [Spirited] improvement - or if you have none I wish it deposited in your City Library, or any place more Likely to preserve it and keep it in the way of being made useful. I thank you for the plate; you would add to the obli -gation, if you could procure me the Description the plate refers to - I thank Turnbull for his intentions, I have not yet heard from him - with best respect to Mrs. Tidyman [illegible] I [?] a Sketch a new [illegible] [filtering] machine John Vaughan
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John Vaughan letters to Philip Tidyman, 1801-1802
Vaughan, John
A collection consisting of two letters discussing smallpox vaccinations sent from Dr. John Vaughan of Philadelphia to Dr. Philip Tidyman of Charleston, S.C. The letters are dated December 11, 1801 and April 7, 1802 and the latter contains a sketch of a water filtration system.
Eighteenth & Nineteenth Century Correspondence Collection
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Vaughan, John, 1775-1807--Correspondence, Tidyman, Philip, 1776-1850--Correspondence
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Smallpox--Vaccination, Water--Purification--Filtration
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