Frederick Garrissen Letter to William Stephen, 1793

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    Triplicate Mr. Wm Stephen Charleston Bremen 30 May 1793 Sir! On the 2d Jan. last I did myself the pleasure of addressing you to which I beg leave to refer. There is no doubt but you will have been informed of this, how much Europe has been trouble by the present wars which [torn page] almost everywhere, and as the consumption of foreign products is always [torn] considerable in War time, than in times of peace. There has been, and is still, a brisk demand for American and West Indian produce. This war has been hitherto very detrimental to the English Merchant Ships as numbers of them have been captured by the French Privateers. This has been the unhappy lot of all the vessels which were loaden with South Carolina produce and during this season were destined for this port, wherefore not one single barrel of new rice has arrived here as yet, altho we are us'd to have before this time of year several thousand barrels at Market: I cannot therefore with any certainty quote you the prices of new rice by these. We have also very little tobacco on hand here, if therefore you wou'd be kind enough to send some consignments of new rice, tobacco, coffee, pimento, cotton,
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    deer skins, and to my care I have reason to flatter myself that it shall have it in my power to return to you an acceptable account sales thereof I make no doubt but you will wish to reap the profits of our neutral and very advantageous situation already described to you in my aforemention'd last-respects dated the 2d Jan last. There have been a great many considerable failures the past two or three months, as well in [torn page] Britain, as in several places on this continent. I hope and do sincerely wish that you have not suffered any losses by the same in this predicament I find myself, thanks to Providence! As none of said failures have happen'd with my concern. With my best wishes that this may always be your case I remain devoted to your commands very truly, Sir! Your most humble servant, Fredk Garrissen
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    Coffee Granada, Martinique, Dominique and Guadelupe 22@25gl St. Domingo of Jamaica 20 @ 23" Cotton 24@38" Pimento 18@20" Tobacco in leaves 31@6 1/2" Raw of Muscovada Sugars 13@14" Old Rice 5 2/3 [?] p 100 B Log Wood 2 3/4 [?] pd. Deer Skins 1@2 [?] p. skin
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    Mr. William Stephen Mercht in Charleston So Carolina
Frederick Garrissen Letter to William Stephen, 1793
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