Plantations, Blessing

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Plantations, Blessing
Kracke, F.D.
3 1/4" X 5 3/4" image showing front view of a two-story, raised house. The openings under the house are large enough to use as a garage and vintage automobiles are parked there. Front steps lead up to a porch that runs the length of the house and partway down the left side. On the right hand side are two wooden dependencies (sheds). Moss covered oaks are in the foreground. Believed to be Blessing plantation house.
Charleston Museum Plantation Photographs
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The Charleston Museum Archives
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Plantations -- South Carolina), Manors, Two-story houses, Antique and classic cars, Porches, Spanish moss
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Low Country, Berkeley County (S.C.)
Image was originally identified as Cherry Hill but matches images for Blessing Plantation that were taken for the National Registry (and are available on-line). Blessing, Cedar Hill and Cherry Hill were combined and divided several times. Also, image is undated but part of a collection that was accessioned in 1924; image must predate.
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MK 3605
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Berkeley County (S.C.)
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800 ppi, 24-bit depth, color, Epson Expression 10000XL, Archival Masters are tiffs.
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