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Laura Bragg Papers

The Laura Bragg Papers collection at The Citadel Archives and Museum contain letters written to Miss Bragg from Chinese cadets before and after their graduation from The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, from 1926 to 1948. Topics of the letters include career plans, The Citadel, political beliefs, Chinese culture, history, and military events. Bragg worked as the director of the Charleston Museum, was the founder and first librarian of the Charleston Free Library, and other museums. Also included in the collection are a photograph album and scrapbook, postcards, newspaper clippings, photographs, commencement programs, additional letters from Chinese students, notes on Chinese art and history, and miscellaneous artifacts.

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The Citadel Oral History Program

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Founded in 2008, The Citadel Oral History Program seeks to deepen understanding of the Lowcountry’s rich history and culture through the gathering and presentation of recorded memories from area residents. The Program has three main objectives: 1. Program staff and their associates conduct interviews with people from all walks of life in order to promote the study of The College and the region. The resulting recordings and transcriptions are made available to the public as part of The Citadel Oral History Program Collection at the Citadel Archives and Museum and select interviews are made available through this website. 2. Through regular course offerings and independent research projects, COHP provides opportunities for students to experience the challenges and rewards of conducting and preserving oral history interviews. 3. In the interest of promoting best practices in oral history research, COHP offers training through community workshops and consultations. The COHP is also among the founding organizations of the Lowcountry Oral History Alliance, a regional group that promotes oral history research.

The first interviews to be made available online are a part of the "Citadel WWII Alumni History Project." With generous support from the Humanities Council of South Carolina, the Citadel Oral History Program collected thirty interviews with Citadel alumni regarding their experiences during WWII. Journalist and historian Jack Bass conducted the interviews during the Fall of 2008.They serve as a powerful testament to the veterans’ experiences and their critical contributions to the war effort. The digital recordings and transcripts are part of The Citadel Oral History Program Collection at The Citadel Archives and Museum.

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The Citadel and the American Civil War

First page of the Letters to C. Irvine Walker

As a Southern military college, The Citadel and its cadets were integrally involved in the events of the American Civil War. This collection includes first-person accounts of the Civil War period, in addition to a signed copy of the U.S. War Department orders to raise the flag at Fort Sumter at the conclusion of the War.

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