Inventory Book 1866

Fri, 2012-08-31 16:45 -- BMHS

Today August 24th, 2012 we completed the final check through of the inventory book, which proved to be hilarious. It took so long because we were checking and re-checking and re-checking as we thought that a mistake was made somewhere along the way as the number of tiffs was one more that what we had in the metadata.
So, upon doing all these checks and finding nothing we, meaning Harriet and myself, thought “What could the problem possible be?” “We are not crazy”…

Money Renters and Stock Keepers 1862

Fri, 2012-08-31 16:36 -- BMHS

Upon starting much care had to be given to this book in particular as its pages were very brittle, torn and falling apart.  On many occasions two persons had to be on hand to turn pages and also to help in deciphering the writing.
After analyzing the document Harriet and I realized that this was in fact two books contained in one.  One book/section detailed the rents and wages of Stock keepers and watchmen and the other looked at what was described as money renters.

New Collection: The Lucille Hasell Culp Collection - A Celebration of Beaufort, South Carolina

Thu, 2012-01-12 09:23 -- LCDL Staff

"The Lucille Hasell Culp Collection - A Celebration of Beaufort, South Carolina” contains a selection of 300 images, primarily photographic negatives, from the much larger Lucille Hasell Culp Collection. Here one finds selected images of enduring historical value to Beaufort, such as those relating to community and military events, built structures that are no longer extant or greatly altered, iconic architecture, commercial activities, natural vistas, and daily life, 1941 – 1999.

New Beginnings

Fri, 2011-10-07 13:28 -- LCDL Admin
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This is the beginning of the Lowcountry Digital Library rebuild - a new digital library for the Lowcountry.  This library will be built on a Fedora repository with BlackLight for browse/search/display and Drupal 7 for informational pages, collection homepages, institutional information and search portals, educational content and lesson plans.  We've got limited funds and even more limited staff, but we're ambitious and intelligent - wish us luck!


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